Courtney called in contemplating suicide the police were called. Courtney called back about two hours later and talked to a different counselor. Courtney was still very emotional when she called back but after talking to a counselor who was calm and reassuring, she had calmed down by the end of the call Courtney had received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, was full of peace and thanked the counselor. The unscheduled counselor was in the right place at the right time.

Life Changed

A caller was suicidal and thinking she needed to die for the past twenty years. This caller is a college student. She was also going to have sugary for cervix cancer the next day and thought God was punishing her for being a horrible  person. John 10:10 set her free! ” Jesus is the healer of the broken heart and the wounded spirit” the caller changed her mind about jumping in front of a train. Instead she decided to rededicate her life to Jesus Christ  as her personal Lord and Savior! There was a total change before getting off the phone.